Family Photo Album

Sammy had many visitors come to see him in the NICU. This is Ginger (Susan's mother) who was the first visitor to see Sammy in the NICU. Grandma and Grandpa Wilshire came frequently to spend time with us and make sure we got something to eat besides hospital food. Sammy's Uncle Rob and Aunt Rebecca also came to visit him.

Grandma Warren flew down from the San Francisco Bay, which she still does very often, to visit her youngest grandchild. She is standing next to the custom isolette cover which she made soon after Sammy was born.

Susan's grandmother June also came to visit. She was actually quite relieved to see how large Sammy was, since she had envisioned his head being the size of a walnut! Sammy's Great Grandmother is an artist. She drew the Christmas Card/Birth Announcement that Susan designed.

Sammy loves to sit on his Grandma Wilshire's lap. Of course, this was much easier when he was smaller and not running all over the place!

Here is Grandpa Wilshire engaging Sammy in a scholarly discussion.

Here is Aunt Cindy giving Sammy a cuddle. She lives in Phoenix with her husband David and children Dana and Jacob.

This is the Warren clan which includes Steve's mother, Dorothy, his sisters Starr and Sarah, with their children Lucien and Kristen, respectively. They came to visit from Santa Rosa and Switzerland after Sammy was home from the hospital.

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