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If you would like to join an internet support group about preemies, then I would like to tell you about the Preemie-l Internet Group.
"PREEMIE-L was formed in May of 1996 out of one couple's desperate search for information and support after the premature birth of their son. When Vincent was born at 26 weeks, Gary Hardy and Anne Casey turned to the internet in search of information, advice, and support...they found very little. Hoping there were others out there in the same search, they formed an incredible support network, consisting of a web site, and e-mail based, as well as message board type, discussion forums. Their hope was to create a way for parents and caregivers of premature children to find each other, and share their knowledge, experiences, and questions. That support network has literally exploded. The network now spans the globe and consists of hundreds of members. The group includes not only parents and extended family members, but also many doctors, nurses, therapists, and even authors." (quoted from The Early Edition).

I didn't find preemie-l until after I had gone back to work when Sammy was a year old. I was a member for quite some time, and have benefited from the collective wisdom, experience, knowledge and support. I wish that Preemie-l had been around when Sammy was born in 1995. That is why I am sharing this with you. It is my heartfelt wish that every new parent of a preemie knows that there are others out there who have faced similar situations.

I'd also like to tell you about The Early Edition. The Early Edition is a newsletter which is "a collection of wisdom and discussions from the on-line support group...Preemie-l" Each edition is filled with valuable information regarding prematurity. All of the issues can be printed for reference. This would be especially valuable for those that do not have internet access. The Early Edition could also be shared with local hospitals and NICU's to provide support to family members who are facing prematurity.

Please visit some of my preemie friends from the Preemie-l internet group!

The American Association for Premature Infants is a wealth of information and valuable resources regarding prematurity. It includes an extensive NICU glossary, and product-ordering information for the Preemie Purple Heart designed by Renea Ericson.

There are many internet groups dealing with topics that many parents of preemies face:

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