Our Favorite Nurses


These are our primary nurses from the NICU at Loma Linda University Medical Center Children's Hospital. They will always hold a very dear place in our hearts.

This is Debbie who was very good at snuggling. She looked out for our emotional well-being by making us smile when we didn't think that we could.

This is Kris who generously let us live with her for many weeks upon Sammy's rehospitalization to the LLUMC children's hospital. We will always remember kind and caring heart.

This is Anelise who was Sammy's guardian angel for the night shifts. I was always able to sleep better on the nights when she worked; Sammy was always stable and must have known that he was in caring hands. Steve would often go in during the middle of the night for some quiet time with Sam.

This is Lisa whose optimism helped me get through some very dark times. She taught Steve how to give Sammy his first tub bath. Here she is helping feed Sammy by gavage, while Steve is kangarooing.

These are our home health nurses who took care of Sammy during the day so that I could return to work. They helped keep him well, helped maintain his central thoracic catheter, provided developmental stimulation and above all, gave Sammy so much love. He wouldn't be the loving, generous, giving child today, had he not received so much love from these special women.

This is Vonda and Sammy when he was one year old adjusted. Sammy and Vonda have a special bond; they are the best of friends. Vonda took such loving care of all three of us and will always be considered a member of the Warren .family.

This is Paula who could always make Sammy laugh. She taught him every letter of the alphabet and even taught him to dance!

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